Are you a shop owner or production manager? Do you want to optimize the workflow and production lines for success in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing?

Learn to address the challenges of implementing production efficiency in a workflow with many short-run jobs, some of which may consist of a single high-value part. This course explains how best to future-proof your production and maintain part quality in smaller batch sizes to help you run faster, better, and more economically than ever before.

Gain practical insights into methods for and approaches to efficiency and productivity for HMLV workflows, with a distinct focus on your processes, your systems, and your people.

You'll also learn how to make effective decisions about work scheduling, quality control, and customer management, avoid the economic impact of unplanned downtime and identify hard-to-control variables. Additionally, you'll gain an understanding of what causes scrap parts and rework, see how these forms of waste affect your productivity and learn how to use quality as a Key Performance Indicator.