Are you a shop owner/manager or machine operator who wants to learn how workpiece interaction with cutting tool edges determines tool life and affects overall shop profitability? Enroll in this course to enhance your knowledge on the impact of tool deterioration.

After this comprehensive overview, you'll be able to connect the dots between tool deterioration and production costs. You'll also learn productive approaches that apply directly to your production challenges.

Using theory, practical models, and general guidelines this course will help you understand how tool performance drops as tools wear, and discover the basic mechanisms associated with these processes.

Cutting tool behavior affects machining outcomes in many ways, and significant tool deterioration can impact your bottom line. In metal cutting, workpiece shape, material properties, cutting-tool geometry, machine tool characteristics and cutting conditions combine to produce, and sometimes inhibit, the machining process.

You'll gain an understanding of the mechanical, thermal, chemical and tribological loads on the cutting process, and see how these properties are essential to understanding and lengthening tool life. You'll also learn how to shape your manufacturing costs to enhance profitability as well as productivity.

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