If you are a shop owner/manager or operator who wants a better understanding of the impact of workpiece material properties on machining, then this is for you.

In a traditional approach to manufacturing, machinability refers to the behavior of workpiece materials. Learn the five basic properties that define machinability and how they affect production.

The mechanical properties, material structure, and alloy chemistry of workpiece materials determine their machinability. How do you quantify these properties so you can adjust your setups and production to maximize successful results?


You know that the behavior of workpiece materials has a big impact on machinability. As hardness increases, for example, machinability drops. Learn the impact of the five basic workpiece properties:

  1. Adhesion/ductility
  2. Abrasiveness
  3. Hardness
  4. Thermal conductivity
  5. Strain hardening

Then learn how to set up your applications to account for them successfully.


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