Are you a shop owner or a production manager who wants to learn the surprising truths that can increase their machining productivity and profitability?


Are you running your shop based on traditional beliefs about productivity in manufacturing? Those "rules" can turn out to be more fictional than factual. Set aside your conventional expectations and learn how to expand your output with simple adjustments that tune your production for maximum impact.


This course shows you how to adjust your manufacturing setups and approaches to optimize your output and boost your quality with simple enhancements that yield big benefits. You'll learn…

  • How to increase cutting conditions and maintain tool life
  • How to boost tool life with high-feed milling, vibration damping – and the right cutting tools for your applications
  • How better tools could cut your tooling budget
  • How to avoid scrapping unused cutting edges
  • How to keep overly long chips from making you less productive

…and much more


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