Learning lean in a new way

Many manufacturers have implemented Lean programs to improve their performance. However, such programs are often met with resistance from operators who do not see the potential benefit or from managers who do not know how to apply the correct tools.

We believe that training people is the best way to empower them so they can contribute to your company’s success. Getting your people engaged and involved is a key factor of a company’s culture. But training doesn’t have to be long, boring and expensive.

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Learning by gaming

We have partnered with 7-Shapes, that offers a fun, interactive way of learning. With the 7-Shapes School, you put Lean into practice with an interactive business simulation. Learn with various modules: videos, interactive lessons, mini-games, quizzes. 100% engaging and 100% online.

It can be adapted to any level of the organization. You can enroll all your operators into the courses for them to learn the basics and understand how production management techniques influence productivity. Or you can get your Lean experts trained and certified, so they use the best methodologies in their next projects.